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God Sends the Right People at the Right Time | Frederik Reyes

God Sends the Right People at the Right Time | Frederik Reyes

I have found that God brings the right people along when I need them most

I was born and raised in the Philippines. My brother and I always went to church, and at a young age we were taught who Jesus was. I never questioned my faith; it just made sense to believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus. I lived a normal life raised by my parents, was a crazy teenager, and of course got into some trouble (but not a lot). I was always taught to be responsible for my words and actions. I was always aware of the decisions I made and who they would affect. I worked as I put myself through college. My mother passed away when I was only 24. This motivated me to not let life pass me by. This stirred up my desire to move to North America, something that I had always thought about but never actually put into plan. After planning and saving, I moved to Canada, met up with a couple of friends and lived with them.

While in Canada, it took me awhile, but I found a good job and was enjoying being here. I was missing something though. I had a longing for a relationship. Not sure of how to meet girls, I eventually met my wife. She was a breath of fresh air. While I enjoyed this relationship, I realized her desires lined up with mine so well that it wasn’t just a coincidence that we had met and having her in my life was not by chance. I was surprised at how well we “fit” together. Where she was weak I was strong, and where I was weak she was strong. We both brought a lot to the relationship.

It’s amazing the people that God puts in our path, an extension of Him I wanted to be a great husband, to provide for my wife, to look after her and to be a man of God. In August of 2009, we had received bad news that I was to go back to the Philippines and I needed to leave by the end of the month. I didn’t want to leave without committing my life to Crystal and so I asked her to marry me. We got married one week before I left. At the end of the week Crystal took me to the airport to say good bye. It was heartbreaking knowing I was leaving her and there was nothing I could do about it. How could I trust God to look after her and provide for her, because I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it.

This time apart brought Crystal and I together. While we were not close geographically, we grew close emotionally. I learned more about my wife than I ever thought possible. We shared so much of ourselves through the phone – our hopes and dreams, past and present, and the hope of a future together soon.

I found myself questioning God and being frustrated, wondering if He really cared. I felt wretched being in a place that offered nothing, being separated from my life, and being away from Crystal. I couldn’t understand God’s reason for allowing this to happen. I became more depressed waiting and hoping we would get news that I could come home, but the call seemed to never come. 22 months later Crystal got a call in the middle of the night asking how to get in touch with me. She gave the stranger my contact information, but had no way to get in touch with me as her computer was broken and her cell phone wasn’t able to send any text messages. She got up and paced and hoped that this was the news we had been waiting for. 10 minutes after the stranger called her, I called. I acted casual but not for long when I could hear the panic in her voice. I couldn’t hold it in and told her “I’m coming home!” She screamed out of joy and relief (of course she’ll deny it). She wanted me on the next plane out. After much frustration with paper work and flights, I finally booked a flight and came home.

Throughout my life I have found that God brings the right people along when I need them most. While in the Philippines, the times that I really struggled were the times that family was around or friends dropped by for a visit. Through this situation, my wife and I were able to lean on each other. Many times I would hear of her friends and family in Canada looking after her, and while I wished it were me who was with her, I felt peace knowing that God had brought people in her life to help her through this time.

It’s amazing the people that God puts in our path – an extension of Him. I sometimes find it hard to grasp the concept of community. God wants us to be in relationship with each other. He loves us enough to bring people into our lives who can support us. Through this time I have come to understand what it means to be a part of a community of believers. I am thankful he allowed those people to cross my path during this time of my life.


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Crystal is a training coordinator by day. By night she spends her time writing. She is a freelance writer and hopes to one day write her first novel. For now, she writes short stories for her blog as well as articles for a variety of magazines. Contact her at

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